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A set of recordings produced from October 2011 to April 2012. Includes a rerecorded version of an earlier song, 'Only Lately'.


released April 12, 2012

J. Limmicks - Lead vocal, Backup vocal, Guitar, Violin
E. DeVotchka - backing vocal, organ on 'Only Lately'
L. Gomez - drums, backing vocals on 'Rigg Beck' and 'Lost'



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Babay Jicks and The Ghoul Fiends Austin, Texas

An ill-conceived avant-garde garage band whose members went without oxygen for twenty minutes and forgot how to play their instruments, leaving the typically demure lead singer to cry and moan while an imaginary audience jeers in derision.

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Track Name: Dead Dead Deadski
It was a day when I hid in a hearth very still
I didn't know any better

I couldn't comprehend those ramblings
Just those things like litanies and dirges

I didn't know what lay labeled in embossing tape
I didn't know anything at all

you were dead you were dead you were dead
you were dead you were dead you were dead

I didn't know
Like a crow
I didn't know
Common grackle go go

Ladled in embossing tape
As a common grackle
Worn and vivid
crackled grackle taped to die

you were dead you were dead you were dead
you were dead you were dead you were dead
Track Name: Six Witches
Flames brushing my face
The crowds their eyes were shifting to face toward us

The stakes were getting High
They rose out of the ground before us
We're stealing embraces in the embers

Don't take me there
I'm not sure if I trust you
Don't take me there
I'm not sure you know just what you're doing
Leave me alone
I know where you sharpen your knives

Oasis falling to dystopia
I'm still embracing you
Track Name: Lost
Don't go to the beach, you'll only end up salted and swollen.
You're drifting between the thighs of uncertainty, and sand is sifting beneath your feet.
Your body all at once is engulfed in thousand year-old sediment
Before you open wide the water's filling up your lungs
The poison of urchins has found its way into your blood.
No longer are you fingering the notes to a new song as you lay below the mandrake sky

He's left and you're the opposite of receptive
He's had an adverse effect on your once warm now cold corpse
No portioning yourself out when you're engulfed in flames
There's no recovery once you've been exposed

Don't leave in a hurry because there is no room to worry
Don't behave erratically because unsound is all we have
Don't construct beside the point we're conjoined
Don't expose the limbs they're settling
They're settling
Track Name: Only Lately
Your words are drops in the ocean compared to actions i've shown.
Back to your vices, you left, to my devisive reclusion I go.

Other boys thrive on that special disease you have in your skin.
It corrodes me, I wilt and decay.

I want to be the boy you dream of. I want to be the one you choose to sleep with.

You're really something; like a flower I don't understand. A cadaver dead, but not by my hand.

It's only lately I've come to realize how much I was taken by you
and i despise the path you've chosen to take.
I can't breathe life into you.

Oh baby, don't worry. I'm not waiting in the dark. Just lately, I worry but I can't keep dead birds for long.
Track Name: Sever The Son
Feral boy you are my thing you are my one
We're waiting we're calling we're freezing

Stray voices sing dirges beckoning me
Instead of filled with terror I'm filled with glee

One day our windows will cross and we'll be together
Until then our mouths will barely graze each other

Paint splatters spotting my jeans, you are my one
I'm waiting, I'm calling I'm baying at the sun

Strange thoughts are filling my dreams and you are
You're gone
In place of somber and sadness there is just none

One day our windows will cross and we'll be together
Until then our mouths will barely graze each other